Sales and Returns

Digital products cannot be returned, your purchase is only eligible for a refund in the following situations:

  • You purchased two licenses for the same product, or two credits packages, accidentally. We’ll gladly refund you for the duplicate purchase(s). Just drop us a note here!
  • There is a technical problem with we are not able to fix. Products with alleged technical issues will only be eligible for a refund when sufficient information is provided regarding how the error was created.
  • The product was misrepresented in the description. We consider an item to be “misrepresented” when the delivered item does not match the described function in the product description, or when an item stated to be included is not delivered. Misrepresentation does not include subjective opinions on the quality or appearance of an item.
    For example: An item would be misrepresented if the product description promised clean lines, but the delivered product shows pixelation at 100%. A product would NOT be misrepresented if a buyer believes that the item “doesn’t look good” or “isn’t high quality compared to other items purchased.”
  • I purchased credits less than a month ago, but didn’t need them after all. As long as your unspent credits package was purchased less than 30 days ago, we can issue a refund. Just drop us a note here!

We’re unable to process refunds in the following situations:

  • You (or your client) no longer need the purchased product.
  • You found another product you like better, or you’ve changed your mind about your purchase. However, you can learn more about our Exchange Policy here.
  • You don’t have sufficient expertise to use the product.
  • You don’t have the correct software (described in the listing) to open and edit the product. Software requirements may be listed one of several ways, including “Compatible with” information below the product screenshot, file type, or product description.
  • You bought an item on accident, and our system shows that the product was downloaded.
  • You feel that the item is of low quality.
  • You got charged for a Free Good that expired or is past its promotional date. Please note that our active free goods display a button that says “Download Free” during their promotional week. If you see the same button instead labeled “Buy Now” or “Finish Purchase,” you will be charged, since the item is not an active free good. You can learn more about our Free Goods here.
  • You are having trouble downloading the product because your internet is not fast enough, is not stable, cannot handle a large download, or similar issues related to your internet service. Please see this article for tips to troubleshoot these issues.
  • You claim the item is experiencing a technical issue, but are unable or unwilling to provide sufficient evidence for the technical issue.
  • You need a partial refund for a credits package because you did not use all of them. Please note that we do not offer direct PayPal product purchases. You can learn more about PayPal usage here.
  • Your product purchase was made over 30 days ago.
  • Your unspent credits package was purchased over 30 days ago.
    All refunds are at the sole discretion of Iconic Studios. You can learn more about our Refund Policy in our Terms of Service.